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TANTEA Kurinji Tea

TANTEA Kurinji Tea

TANTEA, a Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking,brings you pure and unadulterated tea from the finest clones in our 100% clonal tea gardens spread across the Nilgiris and Anamalais. The plucked green tea leaves are processed hygenically with the latest machinery in our modern orthodox and CTC factories. Kurinji means the blue flower from which the name Nilgiris has been derived for the famous tourist hill station Ooty. The high elevations at which our plantations are located coupled with a unique clonal character gives our teas unique flavour and briskness.

This pack contains a perfect blend of the best of CTC and Orthodox grades for daily tea drinkers. Enjoy the original teas from TANTEA which has expertise to grow tea and offer to consumers around the world only the finest.

Available : 4 packets of 500gm each

Items Price, INR Action

ANTEA - Kurinji 4packets

500gm each = 2kg @ 5% discount
INR 558.00

TANTEA - Kurinji 8packets

500gm each = 4 kg @ 10% discount
INR 1,058.00